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10ml Clear Glass Vial (50pcs/lot)

10ml Clear Glass Vial (50pcs/lot)

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Make Drawing Your Testosterone Easy

If your TRT comes in 1ml glass ampoules, that you have to break open, usually you inject your dose and have to discard the rest of the product.

Waste Less Product

By transferring your testosterone from multiple 1ml ampoules into 1 bigger clear glass 10ml vial, you can make things much easier and save your valuable testosterone from being thrown away. 

Draw Only What You need

For every TRT injection, draw only the needed quantity and keep the rest safe and sterile.

High Quality

A professional and affordable glass vial set, made from premium material, high-pressure resistant, hygienic and safe. They have a good sealing effect and are convenient to transport. Great for storing testosterone, essential oils, and other samples.

All bottles are made under the international standard, they can be used safely.

From glass ampoule to 10ml vial


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